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The new WIC CVB Cash Value Benefit program began October 1.  Benefits have now begun to be distributed to Participants - about 1/3rd in October, 1/3rd in November and the final 1/3rd in December so that all Participant will have their CVB benefits by the end of the year.

Why WIC CVB?  The U.S Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) has announced revisions to WIC Program food package regulations with the objective of better aligning WIC food packages with the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and infant feeding practice guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics. This new program, called WIC CVB, is the result of these revisions. It gives women and children a certain amount of cash value for fruits and vegetables each month and adds fruits and vegetables in the form of baby food for infants.

CRS Customer WIC CVB Webinar:

CRS is pleased to provide for our ISS45 v7 and IBM customers an informative webinar that walks you through the system processes and provides answers from system specialists and representatives from WIC and CRS.

Webinar Materials

Click the link below to download a .pdf of the materials presented in the webinars:

ISS45 Slideshow
ISS45 Documentation for Mapper
ISS45 Documentation for Price Manager

IBM Slideshow
IBM Documentation

Watch or Download Webinar

Click the link below to watch or download a recording of the CRS WIC CVB Webinar:

ISS45 Webinar

IBM ACE Webinar

Other Resources:

Informative bulletin published by StoreNext: Update Bulletin:WIC CVV Questions and Answers.

The list of authorized PLU codes can be found on the official website of the IFPS (International Federation for Produce Standards):

Helpful Links:

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